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Larry Cinnabar 5,467114581 Hi! I am new to this matlab/Simulink stuff but at get the job done I'm focusing on a whole new project, and we had this Performing just before. We linked to matlab by eclipse/java useing JMatLink.dll, jimc.jar and jimserver.jar. During that we experienced a file that pulled out all of the inports and outports from the design and we might set them in eclipse run the design and obtain the data and output it. However, if we employed anything at all outher than doubles we would get yourself a crash once we ran the simulink check. – user1401864 Might eighteen '12 at 13:24 So we had been about to attempt to generate it ourselves so we might have the ability to change the data to something else in advance of Simulink gets it. I read through that anything at all that receives passed in to Simulink can be a double, and that will not get the job done for us. It has been finished ahead of utilizing the inport block I just will need to figure out how the "Jim" individual did it. Thanks ^^ – user1401864 May perhaps 18 'twelve at thirteen:27 one Sorry, but I have not labored with Matlab from java. In reality, by default, Matlab acknowledge everything as matrices. Such as if you pass x=five to block To Workspace, it is going to help you save matrix 1xn with all values =5.

استاد اگه می تونید در مورد نحوه طراحی بردهای فرکانس بالا برای اف پی جی یک راهنمایی بکنید تشکر

میخوام بدونم چطور و در چه محیطی باید این کدها رو زد و استفاده کرد؟

To attract strains, attract the mouse through the place where by the signal begins to where by it ends. It is necessary the sign gets on the terminal that is intended when drawing the line. Simulink automatically alter the mouse pointer to your cross-chair when it will get close to an output terminal.

UHD supplies portability throughout the USRP products relatives. Programs created for a particular USRP model will support other USRP designs if good consideration is given to sample costs as well as other parameters.[4]

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I desire to set the inport value to two and operate my simulation and find out if my outport bought set correctly. I read that you could't use set_param to set that benefit but You will need to use sim(), but I am not obtaining any luck with that. So if everyone know how to think about the info in the inport box and/or how to established it, I'd take pleasure in it. Thanks!

The USRP2 was not meant to exchange the first USRP, which continued to be marketed in parallel to the USRP2. Daughterboard modules[edit]

Many different exercise sessions are identified at the end of the chapters, with mathematical responses supplied to some exercise sessions. Different design and style examples from all engineering disciplines, together with the writer’s essential technique in describing theoretical principles, make this book an excellent textual content for trainees, in conjunction with a very important pro recommendation.

برنامه کامل پروگرام میشه، چه جور می تونم که تصویر خروجی از اف پی جی ای را بگیرم؟

Is FPGA used for graphical Liquid crystal display or utilizing micro processors technological innovation which include arm or avr people is preferred?

اگه چند مورد از موضاعاتی که برای پایان نامه بشه با link اف-پی-جی-ای کار کرد را معرفی کنید ممون میشم.

باسلام خدمت استاد بسیار عزیز جا داره تشکر فراوان کنم ازتون من تمام فیلم های آموزشیتون دیدم بسیار عالی انشاالله که این کارتون ادامه داشته باشه تا ما هم بتونیم از استاد بزرگوار و دوست

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